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September 2022

Texas House members hear right to appraisal concerns

August 2022

Texas Legislators to review right to appraisal; TDI hears appraiser & ABAT concerns in recent meeting

May 2022

Florida lawsuit against insurance commissioner disputes legality of policy language; Similar comparisons drawn to auto insurance issues

April 2022

Panel takes a stab at solutions to avoid total loss and keep improperly repaired vehicles off roads

February 2022

Class action lawsuit takes USAA to court over thousands of total loss claims

February 2022

Appeals court denies class status over Liberty’s totaled vehicle valuations

February 2022

Appraisal experts share why consumers may want to challenge vehicle valuations

February 2022

South Carolina bill would give consumers choice of repair shop, right to appraisal

January 2022

Total loss vehicles disguised with clean titles: What that means for the repair industry & consumer safety
February 2022

June 2021

Limit of liability language can help turn totals to repairables

May 2021

Tex. data shows appraisal clause process could tip totaled vehicles back to repairable ones
May 2021

May 2021

Appraisal clause outcome data fnds auto insurers underestimating repair costs by thousands

May 2021

Tex. House passes ‘loser pays’ auto policy appraisal clause requirement

July 2021

Total losses: ACV and state charges, prepaid future OEM features

July 2021

Negotiator: Initial total loss ACVs coming in low, might cost consumers, shops chance to repair
May 2021

April 2021

UPDATE: Tex. House committee backs mandatory ‘loser pays’ auto insurance appraisal clauses

March 2021

Texas Dept. of Insurance: Carriers aren’t required to have appraisal clauses
Texas Dept Texas Department of Insurance Carriers Carrier aren’t are not required to have contain use appraisal clauses

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