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FOUNDER | Vehicle Value Experts

January 1997 – Present Beaumont, Texas Area

Operated  continuously since 1997, while leading various businesses as owner or GM.

Vehicle Value Experts is a unique Consultant Firm that specializes in Insurance Total Loss Market Evaluation Reports; Mechanical and Body Shop Estimates and Finalized Motor Vehicle Repair Evaluations; Diminished Value Assessment and Claims as such and Motor Vehicle Fair Market Value Reports. Vehicle Value Experts is located in Texas and offers its services nationwide. Vehicle Value Experts was founded with the sole intent and purpose of providing specialized automotive related motor vehicle valuation services to all parties; including but not limited to the individual consumer, body shops, repair facilities, insurers, lenders, finance companies, banks, legal professionals, corporations and governmental agencies. With well over 25 years of front line skilled knowledge and hands on practical experience involving automotive mechanical repair; automotive collision repair; retail, wholesale and fleet sales; vehicle valuations; appraisals; financing; lending; collection; towing and storage; diminished value assessments; expert consulting, you can absolutely trust that you and/or your client will be provided with analytical, sophisticated, state of the art, comprehensive, accurate and unbiased current and up to date data and information. For many years, various insurance claims and loss adjustment companies have catered to and retained the services of appraisal/adjuster firms which refer to themselves as “independent” contractors. These so called “independents” oftentimes chose not to provide their services to the individual and/or private consumer in fear of losing business from The Insurance Companies.  These reservations and limitations more times than not prohibit the “independents” from providing their services in an unbiased, fair and equitable manner.  Vehicle Value Experts provides supported practical results of which all parties can rely upon as both factual and objective. Being totally independent allows Vehicle Value Experts to serve and satisfy the needs of the individual consumer; insurance industry; lender; legal professional; corporation; local, state and federal government agency and financial institution with the expert assistance and services they require, and do so efficiently and timely. Because Vehicle Value Experts avails its services to all parties they are able to render their professional and expert services in a truly effectual and unbiased professional manner. Please take a moment to read some of our client’s testimonies about Vehicle Value Experts’ performance and service. Vehicle Value Experts provides valuation appraisals for lenders; bankruptcies; IRS donations; and divorce and estate settlements as well as for insurance claim dispute issues involving total loss replacements and diminished value claims. Contact us today with your specific needs or question.



Operated consulting practice continuously since 1999, while leading various businesses as owner or GM.RLM Presen 1 Web (2)

  • Actively supported NIADA and TIADA, through various leadership roles including Vice Chair of NIADA Quality Dealer Council and TIADA Vice-President-at-Large.
  • Analyzed financial, legal, and compliance areas for numerous businesses, evaluated advertising programs, factory relationships, inventory control and floor planning, and conducted competitor research.
  • Developed detailed and comprehensive business plans and pro formas for multiple clients.



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Quality Pre-Owned Cars and Trucks

Simply the best – No One Else Comes Close


May 2009 – Present  Beaumont, Texas

Developed business plan and pro forma for this business that had been under the same ownership for more than 35 years as consultant, and then accepted full-time role to execute it. Oversee all functions including sales, service, body shop, dealer-controlled finance, indirect lending, and towing, recovery, and storage.

  • Created legal structure, controls, and new programs, and established two new satellite locations, driving 25% sales increase.
  • Positioned business as market leader in high-end pre-owned vehicles, through above actions as well as transformation of corporate culture and departmentalization/reorganization into wagon wheel structure with open dialogue, incentives, and recognition.
  • Contained costs and increased profits to 40%+ through changes on multiple fronts, including in-depth credit evaluations that decreased repo rate by 15%, and new Extended Service Plan and Gap Protection programs that provided 25% added interest income while increasing average loan term and customer retention.
  • Initiated tax structure changes through development of Affiliated Risk Transfer Entity and Reinsurance Company, reducing tax liability by nearly 40%.

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Developed strategy, business plan, and pro forma as consultant for small operation under same owners for 25 years, with goals to leverage new Texas regulations allowing mobility customizing companies to market and sell vehicles to consumers. Upon presenting plan, accepted challenge to execute.

  • Drove 40% revenue increase through strategic relocation to higher visibility site.
  • Implemented structure and controls enabling expense reduction while increasing profits to 20%+.
  • Dramatically increased public awareness and potential customer traffic through marketing partnerships with Federal and State disability service organizations.
  • Provided necessary capital to enable inventory purchases for two locations, through improvement in banking relationships enabled through detailed business and floor plans.

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Identified business opportunity and acquired used car lot that had been under same ownership for over 20 years, struggling to sell 14-15 vehicles monthly. Incorporated and reincorporated under different banners through years, taking operation to three locations in 2000 and ultimately five.

  • Crafted and executed business plan and structure that grew business at its peak to one of the largest independent pre-owned automobile dealerships in Texas with 186 employees and selling more than 600 wholesale and retail vehicles each month (ranked first across 3 counties).
  • Garnered multiple awards, including TIADA Quality Dealer of the Year in 2000, National Quality Dealer of the Year in 2001 (NIADA), and BBB of the Southeast Texas Torch Finalist (1st Runner Up, 2001).
  • Established multiple revenues streams, diversifying sales and financing parts of business, and creating new standalone profit centers including vehicle repair and maintenance, body shop, and towing and storage.
  • Executed financing strategy taking operation to top five lien holders across three counties, issuing loans in excess of $2 million monthly and carrying 1,400 loans valued at ~$15 million.

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