I Support Texas Watch

As part of my support to Texas Watch I match the Auto Claim Specialists monthly Donation.

Auto Claims Specialists is a proud supporter of Texas Watch, a non-partisan, non-profit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to fighting for justice, safety, and accountability. We believe in the important work Texas Watch is doing to fight for consumer protections and against insurance companies that are steering consumers to their preferred body shops, often resulting in dangerous repairs.

Auto Claims Specialists has pledged to donate 100% of all customer tips to Texas Watch, along with $5 for every Texas claim that we close. Texas Watch fights each day for the safety of Texas families and is dedicated to educating the public about their rights and the dangers they face. We are proud to support them in their efforts!

Take two minutes to watch this video from Texas Watch to learn about your rights and how best to shop around to ensure the job is done right.

Take two minutes to watch this video from Texas Watch about your rights to the Right of Appraisal in your policy.

Take a few minutes to watch this video from Representative Clardy and Ware Wendell with Texas Watch, in conversation concerning Insurance Reform.

Learn even more about your rights as a consumer when choosing a body shop at Texas Watch’s website here: www.texaswatch.org/auto-safety

Learn more about your right to A Fair Appraisal of your loss at Texas Watch’s website here: www.texaswatch.org/saferepairs

Individual contributions can be made to Texas Watch here: www.texaswatch.org/donate