If yours is the business of marketing, selling and financing new and/or pre-owned automobiles and trucks, you are challenged daily by competitors, management and operations, financial programs, human resources, floor plan demands, factory relationships, consumer perception and response, business alliances, marketing complexities…and the list goes on.

“Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it! “ –  Steven Wright.   In any business it is wise to have an experienced expert consultant look over and review such business plan and day to day operations. Sometimes we can all get to close to the woods to see the fire. It is human nature to criticize what one does not understand!

Many times it pays to have expert help and advice.

That is what Robert McDorman offers as a consultant to the automotive industry. From management leadership, financial planning, operations control, training, consumer research, selling and growth, he can bring hands-on experience, knowledge, and skill to your table. He can establish and initiate problem analysis and resolution. Every business has challenges, but not every business can appropriately address them. That is when an unbiased, resourceful experienced consultant can help.