With several decades of stellar performance planning and executing turnarounds of struggling retail automotive operations and taking profitable operations to the next level of performance, I have earned a broad industry reputation as an automotive turnaround expert. With each new business venture I engage in, each position held, and each consulting client, I have taken on a well-established business model of many years and instilled change, direction, and new life to yield staggering results.

In addition to an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, helping me to deliver such results are a number of strong character traits including the abilities to work well with others at all levels and adapt to overcome any obstacle. Bringing absolutely no ego to the situation, I readily adjust to various ownership and management personalities. Particularly important is my ability to quickly see the big picture, identify issues, develop a strategy and plan to solve them, and execute. An apt illustration is the following: There are many aero engineers that design planes but have never flown their first flight. I can design the plane, leave the runway, overcome turbulence in flight, and make adjustments to ultimately land the plane successfully.

In addition to my many business and employment successes, I have been a sought-after consultant and automotive retail expert since the 1990s, with many of my clients recruiting me to come in and execute the comprehensive business plans and pro formas I developed for them.

It is my firm belief that if you watch the pennies, the dollars will come, and as a corollary to this, if you carefully analyze a business operation, map out a direction, and execute skillfully, you can easily take one dollar and turn it into two.